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Need a way to promote your brand to thousands of other travellers every month?

Love Scottish Islands is a quality, travel resource that inspires travellers to get out there and see the scottish islands. We provide specific island information, how to get there, articles and reviews and practical information to help inspire travellers to visit these unique and beautiful islands. We are dedicated to producing the best quality content to our readers to help them make the most of any visit.

Between our website and our social media channels, Love Scottish Islands is a great way to reach thousands of other travellers. In addition to our site, readers can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.

From our website and social media channels, we can help promote and maximise your brand’s exposure to our audience. ​.

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About Love Scottish Islands

I have been travelling to the scottish islands for many years and have visited over 60 islands (this is increasing all the time). There are not many travel questions about the scottish islands that I cannot answer.

This expert knowledge sets Love Scottish Islands apart from other travel sites, as this site is specifically aimed at promoting the beauty of the scottish islands. 

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What can Love Scottish islands do for you?

Between our blog and social media channels, we can promote you to thousands of travellers each month.

We take pride in delivering the best quality content to our readers. The exposure and influence we can provide your brand will help ensure that our readers think of you first when planning their next vacation.

There are many ways you can work with Love Scottish Islands from reviews and advertising to press trips. Here are some more details about the main ways brands choose to work with us, but we will consider other options too;


1. Press Trips

I love exploring the Scottish Islands, having new experiences and sharing these with our readers. Having us explain about the benefits of your brand can influence customers to take action. Reviews and personal recommendations often lead to higher sales.

As well as writing a quality review, we will promote the post on all our social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Pinterest. This could even include media such as Facebook Live.


2. Sponsored posts

We can promote your travel related brand through sponsored posts.

We can write an article about your product with a link back to your site

These articles can be promoted across social media.


3. Brand Ambassadors

If you are a brand that we trust then we can promote your brand on a regular basis across our site and social media.

​Our readers will associate you with our trusted brand, specific to the scottish islands.

The brand will be continually promoted via social media.


4. Competitions

We can promote a competition and maximise your ROI. We will promote the competition throughout the Love Scottish Islands site and also through our social media platforms.

We will liaise with you to discuss the best way to use the competition to increase the action/sales to your business.


5. Advertising

We can promote your travel related brand via advertising.

You can advertise on our home page, a specific island page (e.g Barra), a category page (e.g Outer Hebrides), sidebar or within an article.

​Ads are available in specific sizes in different areas on specific pages.


6. Directory


​When you list your business in the Love Scottish Islands Directory, you increase the chances and the number of ways that potential customers can discover your business. Online business directories are an inexpensive and effective way to increase your online visibiity, especially those looking for local businesses based in the Scottish Islands.

​On some larger websites, businesses on the smaller islands of Scotland can be difficult to find. The Love Scottish Islands Directory includes local businesses on virtually every populated island in Scotland.

​Users can post reviews with 1-5 star rating system, upload photos, vote on reviews and photos, comment on reviews and photos and much more.

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We can be contacted using the form below or by email: ​​[email protected] We can then discuss various options with you including any other ideas of how we could work together.

We look forward to hearing from you!