How it all began ……

My name is Lee Allen. I started travelling around the Scottish Islands over 15 years ago.

The first Scottish island I ever went to was Arran. It was on a day trip, through the mist and fog, on the daily ferry from Ardrossan situated on the west coast of Scotland. On the way over, whilst holding the outside rail in a bracing wind, I felt a sense of adventure and most of all … excitement! What is the island going to look like? How will it be different from the mainland? Will there be anything to do?

As I landed at Brodick, on Arran, all my fears were put to rest. Brodick was all I expected it to be and more. From Brodick Castle to the Heritage Museum, to the Walled Garden, I spent an enthralling day on Arran.

This day got me hooked on visiting Scottish Islands and now years later, I still get that sense of excitement approaching an island for the first time. I call it Scottish Island fever.

My ambition is to visit as many Scottish Islands as possible. My current total is just under 60. I’m not too bothered about the size of the island, as I think each island is individual and the smallest island could have more character and individuality than one of the larger islands.

I have created a Twitter account, Pinterest Boards and Google+ account for Love Scottish Islands. I will also be updating these accounts on a regular basis with pictures and video’s that are not available on the website.


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