Mousa Broch, Mousa

Mousa Broch, Mousa

How do I get to Mousa?   Loganair (part of the Flybe group) fly from Aberdeen, Belfast, Benbecula, Birmingham, Campbeltown, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Exeter, Glasgow, Guernsey, Inverness, Isle of Man, Jersey, Leeds/Bradford, Kirkwall, London (Gatwick), Manchester, Manston (Kent), Newquay, Norwich, Southampton and Stornoway to Sumburgh airport on the southern tip of mainland Shetland. Or, you could travel by Northlink ferry from the ferry terminal in Aberdeen.  Mousa is reached by the Mousa Boat Trips passenger ferry from Sandwick on the east coast of mainland Shetland, from April to September.


How do I get around Mousa?   On foot!  There are no roads, just tracks leading to the Broch and around the island.


What’s worth visiting on Mousa?  Mousa Broch. It is the finest preserved example of a Broch or round tower in Scotland.  A Broch is is an Iron Age drystone hollow-walled structure of a type found only in Scotland.  It rises to a height of 13 metres and is accessible via a single entrance at ground level.  Mousa Broch has remained more or less unchanged over the last 2000 years due, mainly, to its remote location.  Mousa is also a lovely island to walk round and is perfect for a day-trip.


Where can I stay on Mousa?  You cannot stay on the island.  The nearest place to Mousa that you can stay is in Sandwick on mainland Shetland.


Any other information on Mousa?  Mousa Broch is well known among birdwatchers for its European Storm-petrels. Mousa holds about 8% of the British population and about 2.6% of the world population.  Some of these birds nest in burrows within the Broch itself.


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