Chapel, North Rona 2 (Lewis Stevens)

Chapel, North Rona 2 (Lewis Stevens)


How do I get to North Rona?   Aside from chartering a private Boat, currently, the only way to get to the North Rona is with Seatrek, based on the Isle of Harris.  Landing conditions can be difficult on North Rona, so it is not always possible to land.

How do I get around North Rona?   Once on North Rona, you can explore this tiny island on foot.


What’s worth visiting on North Rona?   North Rona is the most remote island in the British Isles to have ever been permanently inhabited, although there is only wildlife living there now. The island was inhabited until 1844.  The remains of the village and chapel are scheduled monuments – cared for by Historic Scotland.  An article on a trip to North Rona was published in the Guardian and is an excellent read.


Where can I stay on North Rona?  With permission, it is possible to camp rough on the island.


Any other information on North Rona?  St Ronan lived on the isle of North Rona in the eighth century and his beehive hut is still standing, backed by a medieval chapel.


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