Harbour - Little Cumbrae

Harbour – Little Cumbrae


How do I get to Little Cumbrae   Aside from chartering a private Boat, currently, the only way to get to Little Cumbrae is with Cumbrae Voyages, based at Largs.  They will take you there on a fast R.I.B. 


How do I get around Little Cumbrae?   Once on Little Cumbrae, you can explore this tiny island on foot, following the well-marked trails.


What’s worth visiting on Little Cumbrae?   The Island of Little Cumbrae (also known as Wee Cumbrae) is teeming with wildlife and steeped in history.  You can explore the islands 680 acres by taking cliff walks or going to visit the Viking Burial Grounds.   There is also a 700 year old Castle, where the first Royal Charter was signed in 1375.  At the highest point of the island are the considerable remains of a Lighthouse, built in 1757.  Robert Stevenson built the upgraded Lighthouse complex situated on the western side of the island in 1793 and it was fully automated in 1997.


Where can I stay on Little Cumbrae?  You can’t, the island is privately owned.  The nearest accommodation is on the island of Cumbrae (or Great Cumbrae).


Any other information on Little Cumbrae?  There are over 75 species of birds which nest on Little Cumbrae, many of them rare and endangered species. The island is now privately owned by religious order. and they use it as a yoga and meditation centre.


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