Isle of Belnahua - Abandoned buildings

Isle of Belnahua – Abandoned buildings


“On a trip around the Inner Hebrides a few years ago, my family and I planned a visit to Easdale, one of the Slate Islands.  Whilst there, I stumbled across the Easdale Folk Museum, where I learned of the least known Slate Island, Belnahua.  Keeping this in the back of my mind for future reference, I organised a trip for myself and 7 other members of my extended family.  With Easdale being one of my wife’s favourite islands, we agreed to add this to our already hectic itinerary.

During my research of Easdale over the internet I came across the SEAFARI website.  I carefully perused the available boat trips and quickly realised that they offered landing cruises on Belnahua.I e-mailed SEAFARI to learn whether a trip would be taking place on the day we were going to Easdale.  My luck was in!  I also checked that my young son would be allowed on the crossing.  SEAFARI were happy for my son to go, as long as were happy taking him …”

The rest of this article is available as Visiting Belnahua on the Articles and Reviews page.

How do I get to Belnahua?   Aside from chartering a private Boat, currently, the only way to get to Belnahua is with Sea.fari, based on the island of Seil.  They will take you to Belnahua on a fast R.I.B.  (Please note that this tour has now been disc-continued, but Sea.fari will still make a trip to Belnahua on demand)

How do I get around Belnahua?   Once on Belnahua, Sea.fari provide you with a map and then you are ready to explore this tiny island on foot.  Otherwise it is very easy to walk around this tiny island.

What’s worth visiting on Belnahua?  All the buildings on Belnahua are now derelict and there is an old Mine Shaft that has now been filled in.  It is quite eerie wandering around the deserted village, trying to imagine over 100 hardy souls  crammed onto this tiny island.  Belnahua was abandoned early in the 20th century, but there are many sites on Belnahua worth visiting, such as the old schoolhouse and shop. Although they are overgrown and derelict now, you can easily imagine them as the hub of the island.

Where can I stay on Belnahua?  You can’t stay on Belnahua, the island is privately owned.  The nearest accommodation is on the islands of Easdale, Seil or Luing.

Any other information on Belnahua?  Please see the article – Visiting Belnahua for more information on this fascinating island.

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