Bass Rock - Lighthouse

Bass Rock – Lighthouse

How do I get to Bass Rock? Aside from chartering a private Boat, currently, the only way to get to Bass Rock is with 2 tour operators.  The first is the Scottish Seabird Centre (in-conjunction with Sea.fari) who run trips from Easter to October.  They will take you to Bass Rock on a fast R.I.B.  The second tour operator is Sula Boat Trips,  Both of these trips are for tours around the island.  However, the Scottish Seabird Centre offer Landing Tours between April and September, where you will be able to spend 3 hours on the island with a guide from the Seabird Centre.


How do I get around Bass Rock? On foot! Follow the paths that are not covered in birds. Your guide should go ahead and make a path for you.


What’s worth visiting on Bass Rock? Once on Bass Rock, your guide (from the Scottish Seabird Centre) will show you the best place to take photographs.  Bass Rock has the biggest island Gannet colony in the world. At peak season the Gannets can number 120,000.  So, as you can imagine, it can get pretty crowded.  Other birds you will be able to see on the island include Shags, Guillemots and Razorbills and there are Seals on the rocks below.  There is a Lighthouse on Bass Rock that was built in 1902.   It has been un-manned since 1988.  There are also the ruins of a Castle dating back to the 15th century.  Also, there are the ruins of St Baldred’s Chapel, perched on a grassy terrace on the southern side of the island.


Where can I stay on Bass Rock? You can’t stay on Bass Rock.  The nearest accommodation is on the mainland.


Any other information on Bass Rock? The island has played a key role throughout the history of Scotland. During early Christianity, the island was a religious retreat.  Also, the island was a Fortress and a Prison in the time of the Covenanters and Jacobites.


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