Puffer Bar – Isle of Easdale


Puffer Inn - Keren Cafferty

Puffer Inn – Keren Cafferty




Keren Cafferty is the owner of the Puffer Bar on the tiny island of Easdale.  The Bar was recently seen on episode 2 of the BBC television programme, ‘Oz and Hugh Raise the Bar’.  Keren has kindly agreed to answer 10 questions about her busy life on this thriving west coast Hebridean island.


1) What brought you to Easdale?


We were looking to move to the west coast from Edinburgh and just fell in love with the island and being close to the sea.


2) How did you find island life when you first moved to Easdale?


Becoming part of a small close knit community is quite daunting and challenging. Easdale is quite unique as it has no vehicular access so moving house is quite interesting. Wheelbarrows are the essential mode of transport! Time becomes much less of an issue here and quality of life is amazing.


3) What are the main differences from living on the mainland?


Having a ferry journey to get home for me means leaving your troubles behind on the mainland and life is far more relaxed. No traffic, no pollution, no shops. Logistics of running a business here are far more complicated and a lot of time is taken up just physically moving stock and supplies. Some things take much longer to happen and you learn not to run out of stuff but if you do you make do, as going shopping involves return ferry journey and 32 mile round trip by road.


4) What is unique about the Puffer Bar?


The Puffer Bar & Restaurant is the central hub of the island and community welcoming residents and visitors and providing warm hospitality and the very best fresh local produce in relaxed and friendly surroundings.


5) What are the main attractions on Easdale?


The Atlantic Sea views, Easdale Island Community Hall, Easdale Island Folk Museum and of course The Puffer Bar & Restaurant


 6) Are there any special events on Easdale?


For a tiny island there is so much going on. World Stone Skimming Championships www.stoneskimming.com   Atlantic Adventure Day www.easdale.org , New Years Day Ceilidh, New Year Panto, Burns supper, Arts program which runs from Easter-October features bands, theatre and exhibitions.


7) How did you get involved with Eilean Eisdeal?


I was approached to stand for election as a director and decided I would like to help carry on the good work that has been achieved by many inspiring people on Easdale.


8) What are the main aims of Eilean Eisdeal?


Eilean Eisdeal is a charity and company limited by guarantee. It was set up initially to renovate the old drill hall into a community hall and after completing this very successfully it has gone on to purchase the harbour and island folk museum for the community. It’s primary aims are to sustain the island and the community for future generations, to conserve and preserve the character and natural beauty of Easdale Island, foster and encourage appreciation and interest in the Island and to accommodate access and opportunities for those wishing to visit the Island, to encourage and develop a spirit of voluntary commitment by individuals.


9) Where do you see yourself and the Puffer Bar in the next 10 years?


Goodness 10 years is a heck of a long time and so much can happen!  Within 5 years I would like to see The Puffer have another few awards under its belt and our name and reputation will be even better known. The business will be trading successfully all year round and provide further full time employment opportunities on the island. Our sister company The Puffer Hamper Company will have grown considerably, won more awards for our products and we will be looking to expand further and I also see other business opportunities on the horizon so I’ll be busier than ever.


10) Where can I find out more information about the Puffer Bar and Eilean Eisdeal?


Best to check out the websites www.pufferbar.com  and www.easdale.org


Puffer Inn - Oz and Hugh

Puffer Inn – Oz and Hugh


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