I am in the process of sorting out my itinerary for a trip to the Small Isles, Cumbrae and Colonsay in July and August. I hope to visit the following islands:


I visited Eigg last year, so I won’t be completing the Small isles ‘full-house’, but it’s near enough!

I have visited Rum and Cumbrae previously, but it was quite a few years ago and I didn’t take any pictures on Cumbrae (as I left the camera in our Hotel). Similarly, I did take photo’s on Rum, but they were with an old camera (pre-digital) and I cannot find the pictures anywhere!

When I last visited Rum, we (me and my wife) had to use the ‘flit’ boat, where we had to clamber down into a small boat to make the journey into Kinloch on Rum.. These days it is much easier with the new jetty on Rum.

Small Isles and Colonsay tour - Askival on Rum

Small Isles and Colonsay tour – Askival on Rum


I wrote an article about Cafe Canna recently, so I am looking forward to bobbing in there for a spot of lunch. If I get chance, I hope to walk to the neighbouring island of Sanday and take a few photo’s.

There are some excellent walks on the Walk Highlands website for the Isle of Muck, so I am hoping to complete one of these on my visit there.

I have wanted to visit Colonsay for several years, but I have never been able to fit it into my schedule, as the ferry timetable never seemed to integrate into my plans and there is not a lot of accommodation on the island, which meant that is was difficult to get accommodation at the last minute.  However, this whole tour is based around visiting Colonsay (and Oronsay) and the Small Isles.  Therefore, I will be spending 3 days on Colonsay, staying at the Colonsay Hotel (by far the biggest extravagance, accommodation wise), which I am really looking forward to.


Small Isles and Colonsay tour - Kiloran Bay

Small Isles and Colonsay tour – Kiloran Bay


Two other islands that I have not visited are Inchmahome and Inchcailloch. Inchcailloch is the largest, most accessible and possibly the most beautiful of the islands in Loch Lomond.  It is actually not that easy to visit the islands in Loch Lomond.  Inchcailloch is probably the easiest to get to, as there is a scheduled ferry from Balmaha.  Visit the islands page on the Friends of Loch Lomond website for more information on the islands in Loch Lomond

Inchmahome is the largest of three islands in the middle of the Lake of Monteith, the only lake in Scotland.  There is an Augustinian Monastery dating from the 13th century on the island, that is in the care of Historic Scotland.  One of those occasions, when I am really glad that I subscribe to Historic Scotland every year.  It will be free for me to visit!

Small Isles and Colonsay tour - Inchmahome Priory Ruins

Small Isles and Colonsay tour – Inchmahome Priory Ruins


I’m really looking forward to this trip and I am hoping to visit a couple of attractions on the mainland such as the Bonawe Iron Furnace on the way from Oban to Fort William (free again with Historic Scotland) and maybe Castle Stalker, possibly the most scenic (and definitely the most photographed) Castle in Scotland.

I will be updating the blog on a daily basis whilst I am there, as well as putting new photo’s on Twitter and Facebook and other social media.  Only 6 weeks to go …

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  • Hi Lee,

    I’m a fan of your site and have been in receipt of your lovely articles for sometime without being “proactive” with you.

    I now live in Birmingham so each trip to the isles seems to get more complex. I too am visiting the Small Isles at the end of August but I shall not be attempting to stay on each Isle as I would like to, as .

    i am organising a trip with (3 to 10 friends depending on final confirmations) from May 28th to June 2nd to meet up with the Paddle Steamer Waverley as she sails from Glasgow to Oban on May 28th, On the 29th Oban to Inverie and the Uk’s most remote Pub, on May 30th from Kyle of Lochalsh to Gairloch.

    yours sincerely,

    an appreciative reader and fellow lover of Scottish islands

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