Getting there

There are several different ways of getting to the Scottish Islands.  Probably the easiest way to get to the islands and especially the more remote islands is to fly there.  Flybe fly to quite a few of the Scottish islands.  You can book flights with Flybe below:




The most romantic way to get to Orkney or Shetland is by Ferry. There are ferries from Aberdeen and from the far north of Scotland.  You can book a ferry to Orkney or Shetland below:




It is also possible to travel around mainland Scotland (and the rest of the UK) on the Train. Some of the scenery on the train journeys around Scotland are magnificent.  I recently went on a train from Fort William to Mallaig (on my way to Rum/Canna/Muck) and the journey was stunning.  You can book a train around Scotland (and the UK) below: