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Grimsay - Uist Boat trips

Grimsay – Uist Boat trips

Whilst travelling around the Outer Hebrides, I stayed on the island of Grimsay, near North Uist.  I decided to have a wander down to the Harbour at Kallin and to my surprise, trips were available, through Uist Boat Trips, on a boat called the ‘Lady Anne’.  I checked the Tour Timetable and noticed that the next tour was in 15 minutes.  I checked to see if there were any available spaces and luckily, there was one place left.  As I was travelling alone, this was perfect.

The tour was a two hour sightseeing and wildlife watching circuit of the unihabited island of Ronay.  It also included exploring hidden bays at the foot of Eaval, the highest hill on North Uist.

The trip was very enjoyable and we were able to observe White-tailed Eagles, Seals and Deer on Ronay as well as a myriad of different species of birds.  The weather was glorious and this made the trip truly magical.

Uist Baot Trips - The Isle of Ronay

Uist Baot Trips – The Isle of Ronay

At the end of the tour, I had a chat with Nick (our Guide) and I asked him some questions about Uist Boat Trips.

How and when was Uist Boat Trips started (and by whom)?

Ust Boat Trips was started in 2009, by myself, Nick Ingledew

What trips do you offer and when are the trips available?

Short fishing trips, wildlife watching trips, visits to nearby islands and also trips along the east coast of North Uist.  All these trips are available throughout the Summer months, from the harbour at Kallin on the isle of Grimsay.

What wildlife could possibly be seen on your trips?

Sea birds of every description, golden and white-tailed eagles, red deer, otters, seals, porpoises, basking sharks and whales.

What other attractions are there in the local area?

The Monach Islands, which were deserted in the mid 20th century.  All that remains is a deserted village and a massive grey seal colony.  I run trips to the Monachs during the Summer months (see website for details)

What is your favourite island and why?

Ronay – because it is so ruggedly beautiful.

Where do you see yourself and Uist Boat Trips in 5 years?

Taking more and more people out to experience the wilderness of the Uists.

Where can I find out more information about Uist Boat Trips (including social media)?

My website is www.uistboattrips.com and I also have a Facebook Page.

Ronay - only house on the island in the distance

Ronay – only house on the island in the distance


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