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Unst - main road

Unst – main road

Speechless!  How do you thank someone who has given up a day of their time (when they didn’t have to) to chauffeur you around one of the most picturesque and beautiful Scottish Islands on a one-to-one basis? Thank you is not nearly enough.

As I don’t drive, I was finding it very difficult to locate tours on the Shetland Isles that did not require my own transport. Luckily, I had seen Sarah’s site, See Shetland Tours, on the web before I arrived, read the fantastic reviews (well deserved) she had received and kept the tour at the back of my mind as I arrived on Shetland.

After a couple of days sightseeing, I found Sarah’s number and rang more in hope than in expectation (it was early May – the tours were not due to start for another week). I explained my plight to Sarah, who immediately offered to pick me up from the Belmont ferry terminal, on Unst, the next day.

Meeting Sarah

When I arrived, Sarah waved to me and introduced herself. We then set off for a fantastic tour that took in all the sites on Unst (Heritage Centre, Boat Haven, Muness Castle, Hermaness etc). During the tour, Sarah divulged a wealth of fascinating information on Unst and introduced me to many friendly local people. We had dinner at Baltasound Hotel (Britain’s northern-most) and all too soon we had to depart back to Belmont for the late afternoon ferry.

Unst - Baltasound Hotel

Unst – Baltasound Hotel

Going back

The following year, I contaced Sarah again and arranged a 3 day tour with her around the islands of Fetlar, Whalsay, Yell and Unst (please see Shetland Diary article for details of this tour).  Again, Sarah was incredibly helpful and was able to meet and indeed exceed my expectations for this trip

I cannot express how magical these tours are. It should be included as a MUST on any itinerary for the Shetland Islands. If you cannot see the information in the Tourist Information office, find the number in the Phone Directory. I found Sarah to be very friendly, down-to-earth and happy to answer any questions I had.

So, thank you Sarah and SeeShetland Tours for two experiences I will never forget.


Looking to Muckle Flugga from Unst

Looking to Muckle Flugga from Unst

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