Tea Garden sign - Isle of Kerrera

Tea Garden sign – Isle of Kerrera


Whilst staying near Oban, my family and I decided to visit the lovely island of Kerrera.  Kerrera is just a quick five minute ferry ride, about 2 miles outside of Oban.  After parking our cars (only islanders are allowed cars on the island), we boarded the ferry and before we knew it we were alighting on Kerrera.

I had decided previously to walk down to the Tea Room and back again, with a quick stop at Gylen Castle on the way.  This is the southern circular walk.  There is also a northern circular walk that takes in the Harbour and the Hutcheson Memorial.

We walked down towards Horseshoe Bay and there we passed a few of the islanders homes .  After this, the walk became steeper and then dropped down to the South coast of Kerrera, where we spied our first glimpse of the Tea Room.

Kerrera - Cottage in distance

Kerrera – Cottage in distance

Kerrera – Tea Room

We were grateful of the downhill walk and in no time at all, we had eagerly sat on the comfy wooden benches and were scanning the menu.  The manager came over to us and introduced himself as Michael.  I treated myself to a coffee and a lovely home-made cake, whilst my children devoured the excellent ice-cream.

I had a good chat with Michael and he told me that he was staying on the island in a Mongolian Yurt structure begind the Tea Room.  Intrigued, I asked if it was possible to have a look as I’d never seen one before.  As it was very quiet, Michael gave us a quick tour of the structure, which was a combination of wood and canvas.  I marvelled at the intricate carvings and paintings that had been painstakingly added to this rustic dwelling.

Kerrera - Tea Garden

Kerrera – Tea Garden

 Then, Michael showed us the Bunk House and the Byre (where Tea Room customers can go when it rains).  The Byre is used for events and was being used with the Bunk House the following night, for a Hen party.

Kerrera – Gylen Castle

All too soon we waved goodbye to Michael and headed off towards Gylen Castle, a magnificent 16th century Castle, located towards the southern extremity of Kerrera.  It is set in a stunning position perched high on a peninsula of sheer cliffs and looking out towards the surrounding seas.  After a brief look around the Castle, we re-traced our steps all the way back to the Ferry Slipway to catch the last ferry back to the mainland.  The water was still and calm as I peered into the glass-like reflection as I awaited our departure.

It had truly been an exceptional day and not only weather-wise. Kerrera had proved to be an intriguing island, albeit one that is often overlooked due to it’s close proximity to Oban.  Take my advice, make sure you visit Kerrera.  You won’t be disappointed.

Kererra - Ferry to the mainland

Kererra – Ferry to the mainland


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